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"Received last order thanks. You have cured our septic drain problems for several years now, no more digging up access holes & then cleaning the pipes out with a hose." Thanks again Naomi - Yarram

“What an amazing product (Flush It) We are so happy at how it has worked. Our ensuite used to smell so bad and after just one treatment the smell has gone. Thankyou very much. :) "  Sandy – Queensland.

“3rd order excellent product” – David – Woombah, NSW.

"We are already in your system I will direct debit into your account tonite would it be possible to put my order in the post on monday so as we have it before easter thanks. We have our septic under control the best it has been in the 11 years we have lived here thanks to you people" Regards Kerry – Hamilton - Victoria

"Returning Customer - Worked wonders - have recommended to all neighbours... Repton NSW.

"I purchased a purple packet of your "Grease Gone" product some years ago it contained 9 x 7 gram treatments. It was THE best product for my kitchen and laundry that I have ever used. I have been unable to find it again and have tried other products by other companies with varying degrees of success; certainly none were as effective as yours! Is the "Flush it" advertised on your site as good? If it is I would like to purchase quite a few packets. I look forward to your response." Christy...

"Very satisfied with the performance of your Flush-It product over last 12 months, hence reordering further 12 month supply." - Rob - Armidale NSW

"Works great - this is our third order - haven't had any problems since we started with Flush-It - it's a great product" Darryl - Gympie Queensland

“As a specialist in the wastewater treatment industry I can testify that Flush-It is an excellent product that provides a diverse variety of microbial cultures suitable for biodegrading a great variety of difficult-to-consume contaminants found in a variety of wastewaters and sewerage systems. As a rule, I use Flush-It as a starter culture for my greywater, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment systems to get optimum performance. Unlike an imported product that is widely available, the microbes in Flush-It are suited to Australian conditions, particularly the colder temperatures experienced South of Brisbane, as the competing product that I and colleagues have tried with no luck is suited to the extremely hot conditions in the Middle East where it is manufactured. Cheers” Tony, NSW.

"A month before my daughters wedding at Mum's house and her septic played up - a 3 pack of Flush-It fixed it. Great Stuff!"    Julie - Kingsthorpe Queensland.

"I am just writing a note to say thank you for your Flush-It product. We had tried other products in the past but nothing worked. Flush-it has managed to stop any smells from coming into the house through the toilet system and also outside the house, especially after using the washing machine. It was definitely our lucky day when we discovered Flush-It". Thank you again. Bev, Warrigal.

"Thank you for forwarding our next 12 month supply of Flush-It. Previously with the fluctuation in the number of people staying on-site using our septic system occasional odours used to escape from the septic tank. Since introducing Flush-It early last year our system has shown a dramatic improvement."
Robyn & Ian, Premier award winning luxury retreat Northern NSW.

"I am so pleased with the Flush-It product. I had a bad odour coming from the septic trenches even after I had the main tank pumped out! I used one Flush-It sachet per week for 3 weeks and the smell is gone. Not only that but the lawn where the trenches are look so much healthier. I would recommend Flush-It to anyone with similar problems. It's great!"
Jennie - Woombye - Queensland.

"I would like to re-order another 12 month supply of your Flush-It, please. We haven’t had any smells since we started using it, which is great." Judith at Rye.

"Works excellently in cafe grease trap."  James of Orbost, Victoria Australia.

Dear Flush It,
My parents live in a semi rural situation and have had a septic sewerage system for the past 10 years. During that time I had noticed that everytime I visited them I could smell the sewerage. It was awful and Mum & Dad felt dreadful because they had tried all sorts of chemicals to fix the problem. Finally I bought them a six month pack of Flush It and I just had to let you know how thrilled we all are with the product. Within a couple of weeks the smell had gone and it has never returned. Not to mention  they are so happy that it is environmentally safe. That was the best present I'd ever bought them. Thanks a million Septic Care.
G.B. Hampton East, 3188.

Toward the end of last year our septic started to back up with smelly sullage pools appearing up into the back yard. We dreaded the thought of clearing out the drainage system because it's been such a horrible job to do every few years in the past. After two applications of Flush It the problem started to clear up even though we had an average of four guests staying with us over Christmas. We've had a lot of rain lately but the ground around the drainage system is as firm as the rest of the paddock... J. D., Yarram, Vic

Product works great - had puddles in yard for over 2 years. After one application each day for one week and one application each week for 3 months, there were no puddles and no problems with septic system anymore. Great working product. You can use my name and comment anytime.  S.L.., Anderson , SC
  Ordered from you in the past. The product works great.  C.C., Fair Grove , MO

This product really works! It got my clogged system up and running again! Yay!
By all means feel free to use my comments about your product!  What a great relief of stress to have my septic system come back to life after several months of  slow to no function!
Thank you so much for your great product! M.K., Boulder Creek , CA
Your product is easy to use and it works! L.I., Cleveland , TN

Last December I had a flooded septic tank and overrun drainfield. I had the tank pumped, got cautious about what kind of chemicals I put down my drains & started using your product. My septic tank lid only has three inches of dirt over it so trust me I would know if it had failed again. But to my delight everything is working great. I pulled the lid off the tank last week and the effluent level was even with the bottom of the tank discharge line. I can't thank you enough for you fine product. You saved me from having to take out a loan to have my drainfield replaced. R.M., Gig Harbor , WA
 Previous customer..... With a family of 6, we have our septic tank pumped out once per year for the "best of maintenance" purposes, as well as to see the difference in whether adding bacteria pays off. After ignoring several bacteria applications for several months, one can tell a stark difference between using and not using bacteria in our septic tank.
Your product is also the least expensive bacteria we've found. D. K., Hogeland , MT

I probably mention it with every order I send but - FLUSH-IT  is wonderful! Has made a large improvement in our entire septic system, Thanks! C. B., Lower Lake , CA

Bill, Your Flush-It works exactly as described. The order came Friday. I was surprised at how much smaller the packages were than Septic Helper. I dropped in two packets ( I have a 2,000 gallon tank). I checked the septic tank yesterday.  The liquid level in the tank dropped over 9 feet!  Very impressive for only two days of treatment  (That includes two loads of wash).  I think one packet for a monthly treatment will be sufficient. That's more than twice as far as Septic Helper did. P. R., East Falmouth , MA  

Dear Solutions Unlimited, Was wondering where in the Rutland VT area I could purchase a new supply of flush it. Have used it over the last 10 yrs. Septic tank was in excellent condition when it was pumped out after 12 years of use. If  I can't purchase it locally, can I purchase it from you? thank you kindly, J. K., Brandon , VT

Hey Bill, My sister and her husband have been customers of yours for awhile.  I moved into her condo when they moved out. She gave me this warning..."Use this stuff or you will be sorry." I ignored her warning for awhile and now my plumbing is getting sluggish and I seem to notice an emerging odor. If your product improves this condition, I will be a customer for at least the next 8 years as I will not be moving again before then. K. H., Columbus , OH

I have used your stuff once, have never seen anything like, and will never stop using it. Great stuff. You may use my name and email if you wish.  I have no problem endorsing a great product.  More details. When we bought this house 6 years ago the previous owner had the septic tank draining onto the yard.  The septic system here uses a pump to pressurize the drainfield.  By blowing the drainfield pipes with compressed air I was able to enable the drain field to handle the effluent load from two people, although if we did a lot of laundry or had visitors we would have smelly puddles in the back yard.  At some point I intended to convert the system to aerobic, though the initial cost ($5,000) and upkeep ($300 per year) really didn't excite me. Then I ran across FLUSH-IT.  I wasn't all that enthusiastic because the website does not claim to cure drainfield problems.  However, I had nothing to lose.  I initially applied one packet down the kitchen drain.  Three days later our puddles were gone.  We saw some dampness around the feeder end of the drainfield, but no more puddles even though we had two house guests. On the 4th day I dropped a packet right in the septic tank secondary chamber, which we have access to as our system uses a pump to pressurize the drainfield.  Three days later the damp area at the distribution end was larger and still no smell and no puddles.  Over the next two weeks I dropped the remaining 4 packets (we bought a 6-pack to start) right into the septic tank secondary chamber every three days and watched steady improvement.  I am dosing twice a week rather than the recommended monthly application, because I want maximum results.  After 2 weeks we can't really tell if there is any further improvement.  We no longer have any noticeable problems, even when I intentionally run all the faucets in the house for 3 hours.  I have ordered a 12 pack [of FLUSH-IT] and will dose directly into the septic tank secondary chamber (right before the drainfield) every 3 days until I run out.  Then I will cut back to monthly.  We achieved results far beyond what the website claims.  Best Regards, L. W., Katy , TX

I've returned after 1 year of the other junk! A. W. M., Braceville , IL

I bought a house at an auction only to find out it had septic problems including slow drains, and a foul smelling back yard. I have been using flush-it for 3-4 weeks now and my drains all operate trouble free. The odor in the back yard is almost gone even though we had the wettest June on record. You have probably saved me a complete septic system overhaul. Thanks! D. P., Sloansville , NY

Your FLUSH-IT product is wonderful. I'm sure it's the only thing that has kept our septic system (which is about 5 million years old) running smoothly. I appreciate your business practices also.  Uhland , TX

Don't ever go out of business. I don't know what I'd do without you.  Millerton , NY
This stuff works awesome! We haven't found anything as good as this works!!! We are very pleased with this product!   New Burnside , IL
This is a reorder. Wouldn't use anything else. Great product. Perry , IA
I didn't order enough the first time around - especially since the FLUSH-IT does outhouses! (great!)  Northville , NY
My septic (aerobic) system does not function properly without your product! Elm Mott, TX
Wouldn't use anything else. Great product. Perry , IA
I am very happy with your product. It saved me from an expensive septic replacement! New Burnside , IL
Good product. Easy to use. Dateland , AZ
We had a lot of problems with our septic system. Now since we've used FLUSH-IT, we haven't had any trouble. Thanks. Wilmer , AL
Love FLUSH-IT. Had a clogged drain. Tried everything including a 50' snake. Finally poured a pack of FLUSH-IT down kitchen sink -Yeah! Started to drain! Chattaroy , WA
Thanks for a fine product (FLUSH-IT). It straightened out my grease trap. Jacksonville , NC
Have used it (FLUSH-IT) 2 years now and totally rejuvenated my older aerobic system. It works. Elmmott , TX
I love FLUSH-IT. Please send info on distributorships - I want everybody to have this magic stuff! Pike Road, AL
Please send me 12 months supply of water soluble bacteria. I am quite satisfied it has eliminated problems with my 18 year old aerobic septic system. Elm Mott, TX
We were having bad odors from the drains - my sister gave us 1 pack of  FLUSH-IT and it fixed the odor problem. We tried Rid-X, K-37, Liquid Plumber and 2 or 3 others with no success. Thanks! Uhland , TX
Our septic man couldn't believe the difference in the 3 weeks I've been using your product! Rockham , SD
Works Great! No problems with 3 tanks. Roseburg , OR
Your FLUSH-IT sure tamed my wild septic tank. Send me another 6 pack and a bottle of EX-IT.  Pueblo , CO
It's been nearly a  year since I used the Septic Energiser, results are great - a product I will always have on hand.  Lake Benton , MN
Thank you for the Forget-Me Not seeds. Rest assured I won't forget you as long as you handle a product as wonderful as FLUSH-IT. It sure has done wonders for my septic system. Enclosed find an order for a 2 year supply. Oblong, IL
We ordered the sample "FLUSH-IT" and dropped it in the commode a week ago. We can already see the difference. So send me 12 more packets. Houston , TX
FLUSH-IT is the only product I tried, that removed the foul sulfur odors in my yard. Cherry Valley , NY
Please send 12 packets. Thank - Sounds Great! "Forget RID-X!" Birmingham , AL
I have 100 units in the hotel. Every spring the distribution box cover pops off and the leach field gets flooded. I thought I was going to need a new leach field. Then I started using FLUSH-IT two months ago. This is the first time I've had no problems! Send me another 24 packs. Long Lake , NY
Bill, I'm a retired refinery worker - I used to treat water with "bugs" before sending it to the ocean - I tried Krane or Kramer after they "Hi-Pressured me into a 3 year supply. I set up a mini septic system and got no results at all. I contacted you and tried your product with great success. My wife & I bought a "fixer upper" since then & we know the septic system was never emptied. FLUSH-IT has served us well. I also run it thru my bathtub when it runs slow due to my shaving.  Lucerne Valley , CA
Bill, Just wanted to thank you for your product, even more so your business manner. Remember when we used to get premiums for gas purchases or calendars from businesses. Days past? Not so. You've sent us "forget-me-not" seeds. I now have 2 packets to plant this spring. I was so touched by your thoughtfulness. Then you sent an envelope opener. It is used. We hate paper cuts. But above all….no one could steal us away from you as a customer. When my husband had questions, you were so kind to answer. We could ask no more from a business on service. There is one other that would receive this A++. And we do plenty of transactions as I'm sure you do. Stay as you are-----we are a faithful and grateful customer. Please pass on our message to any other. Craig , CO
I ordered some "Flush It" a little over a year ago just to try it out. My back yard was getting "swampy" and was beginning to smell. I followed the directions given for using "Flush It", and before long the back yard began to dry. I am thoroughly impressed! I also used it in a huge pile of leaves and they broke down much faster. Thanks for a great product.  Pfafftown , NC
I recently received another shipment of FLUSH-IT Septic Energiser and a note thanking my brother and me for spreading the word about your product. It was nice that you noticed….and nice that you took a minute to send a note. I didn't think anyone did that anymore. By the way...I'm not using your product to correct a problem…I'm using it to prevent one…It's working. South Easton , MA
I truly had a major clogged toilet - my husband plunged it at least 8-10 times - it was still sluggish - I plunged it at least 6-8 times - still sluggish - I flushed a pack of Solutions Unlimited product - it took 3 flushes to get it down - figured it was at least in the toilet trap - next morning the toilet was perfect. Product is great!!! South Easton , MA
Check #2259 attached for two orders - it's great "Stuff". Send the 12 pack to MDH in Silver Springs , MD and the 24 pack to me. Salt Lake City , UT
My leach field was always flooded until I started using FLUSH-IT regularly. Edinburg , NY
You might be interested to know that this (FLUSH-IT) aids organic gardening. After a heavy application of manure to gardens, a packet dissolved in 5 gallons of water will assure rapid decay into a form the plants can use for food. 
Beryl, UT
We have used FLUSH-IT at 2 nd home for years - no septic tank or drain field problems-Thanks. Note-at times septic tanks get heavy use-up to 50 invited guests using 8 toilets-still no problems. Salt Lake City , UT
We had bad odors coming from both our toilets. We dropped a pack in each toilet last night and the odors were gone the next morning. Orlando , FL
Howdy Solutions Dudes EX-IT! I need a couple more. You sent (1) 3.2 oz bottle. Send two more or if you have a 8 or 12 oz bottle, send it. Great product! We pour it on Horseshxx!! Smells like roses! Only kidding…only horses we got are in the front of our pickups. Argyle, TX
This stuff ( EX-IT) is great! Please send more. Marion , NC
Spoke with Dr. S., who spoke with C. They liked it (EX-IT) and used it all up. Want more. Middleburgh , NY
We found this is the best stuff (FLUSH-IT) we have used. Helena , NY
As a very satisfied customer of some three years of using Flush-It on a regular monthly basis, please send me complete information on Klamath Blue Green Algae. Armenia , NY
Thank you for your advice over the telephone. Salem , NY
Please find enclosed check + $1.00 certificate ( BIO BUCK ) for a 6 pack of FLUSH-IT. A great product! Arivaca , AZ
Please find enclosed personal check for 6 pack of FLUSH-IT. I use it in my French Drain & my composting (summer) toilet. I live in a town site on a lot too small for a septic tank & have to keep the neighbors happy. Well, they're not happy, but they can't find anything to complain about! Please send extra (yellow/blue) FLUSH-IT brochures, for friends. Arivaca , AZ
Thank you for remembering us at Christmas & sending us a beautiful calendar. You are from the "good old days" merchants- Garrison , MT
Easy to use! Thanks for the calendar! I'll take a clock if any are left. Happy New Year. Gainesville , TX
Thank you for a wonderful offering of products! Palermo , CA
Great Stuff! As I told you we have 2 rentals on septic systems w/no problems! Thanks. Roseburg , OR